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Upon approval and acceptance as a Participant/Member, the Applicant hereby agrees to remain current and in good standing with each supplier/distributor with who purchases/contracts are negotiated through the Food Service Links Inc. In addition, Applicant authorizes each supplier, distributor, and vendor the ability to converse about the status of purchase, or credit history of the applicants account through the Food Service Links Inc., due to modification. Applicants who do not abide by the standards set by the Food Service Links Inc. will be subject to removal of the organization upon discretion of the Food Service Links Inc. Management Company. Participant/Member may request to withdrawal from the Food Service Links Inc. Program with a 60 day’s advanced written notice. Removal from the Food Service Links Inc. program can take up to thirty business days. Food Service Links Inc. Participant /Membership is not transferable. Therefore, if member sells business, Food Service Links Inc. must be notified within 48 hours of sale. This insures all rebates are allocated to the proper entity. New membership can take up to 7 - 14 business days before savings will transpire through to new member’s invoices. This time frame is anticipated for application to be processed into data base. Food Service Links discloses to its Participant/Member that in consideration for administrative services rendered in connection with the purchasing program, it will collect an administrative fee from members, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers.

As a Participant/Member of the Food Service Links Inc., hereby makes the following acknowledgment:

1. The undersigned is not a member of any other organization or cooperative association formed for the purpose of tracking or creating group purchasing affiliations.

2. As a member, the undersigned has appointed Food Service Links Inc. as its representative in negotiating and reviewing with any and all purveyors and manufactures utilized by the undersigned and to collect any and all rebated and/or discounts earned as a result of its purchasing practices.

3. We authorize Food Service Links and its lawful agents, successors, and assign to collect our transaction and purchase history data from our distributors, for all our locations in an electronic format as required.